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How it works

We tag your school's uniforms and install a sensor in lost property

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Your school's stock of new hats and jumpers is collected, tagged and returned in its original packaging. This makes life easy for parents, as new uniforms purchased will have Smart Tags already attached.

We then work with your school's uniform suppliers to make sure all uniforms come from the factory with tags attached.



Lost property sensors are installed on the wall above lost property. They automatically detect Smart Tags when they are placed underneath. Installation is very simple and takes just 15 minutes.

Once installed, parents can protect their uniforms and easily retrieve lost items.

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New uniforms come with Smart Tags attached, so make sure you activate them upon purchase. All you need to do is send a single SMS to get started, and then you're ready to go.

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We'll send you an SMS when our sensor detects your garment in lost property, making collection quick and easy. No more scavenger hunts through the playground!

For Parents

$3.50 per tag
  • Easy tag activation
  • Unlimited, free SMS notifications
  • Tags attached to new uniforms

For Schools

  • Sensors provided for lost property
  • Free installation
  • Complimentary uniform tagging
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Our Impact

Getting started for schools is easy

What people say about us

Degrees avatar ashley “Our oldest boy is 9 and he’s managed to lose about 6 fleeces over the course of his school career to date. we’re yet to lose this one! - fantastic idea.” Roseville Parent
Degrees avatar ashley “This is an awesome service! We found the lost jacket this morning and the boy was very happy! What an innovation!” Mona Vale Parent
Degrees avatar ashley “It was fabulous and worked like a treat. I knew exactly when to go to Lost Property to get the item instead of wasting time everyday.” Cammeray Parent
Degrees avatar ashley “It worked well for us - we got the message before we realised we had lost the jumper!” Mimosa Parent

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RagTagd is an Australian startup with a passion for solving problems in schools. Please contact us to find out how we can help solve your school’s lost property problems.


New uniforms come with Smart Tags already attached. How does that happen?

We start by collecting your uniform shop's stock of new hats and jumpers, Smart-Tagging them, and safely returning them to your uniform shop in their original packaging. From that point onwards, RagTagd coordinates with your school’s uniform provider to make sure all new uniform deliveries come with tags already attached.

Do staff and parents need to do anything special when they place uniforms in lost property?

No! We've built our system to be completely automated, where staff and parents simply place the item into lost property as usual. Our sensors do the rest, so that you can enjoy a completely hands-off experience.

Can parents buy seperate tags to attach to uniforms they already own?

Yes, packets of two Smart Tags will be available from the uniform shop.

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